Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pats/Jets Reactions

So the Patriots played the Jets for first place in the AFC East tonight. Everyone fully expected the Jets to kill the "old, and slow" Patriots tonight, and frankly with about 3 minutes to play in the 2nd quarter tonight, that looked to be true.

*The Pats eventually showed some resilience, but really took to long to make adjustments in the first half.

*Matt Cassel played pretty well. However, e really needs to make better decisions though. I can't even count home many times he missed open receivers because he panicked.

*What a fucking catch by Randy Moss with 1 second left to play in the 4th quarter.

*Finally, call me a homer, but this has been on my mind for years now:

NFL overtime really needs to change. That fact that you can dtermine the game based off a coin toss is absolute horseshit. Yes it's benefited every team before, but honestly, it's ridiculous.

Regardless the Patriots are now in 2nd place now after losing to the fucking Jets. We really have only 1 more tough game left on the scheduale and that's Pittsburgh. I fully expect this team to beat the gritty Dolphins next week and then after a hard game against Pitt, run the table against Seattle, Oakland, Arizona and the Bills.

11-5 with no Tom Brady for the whole season? I'll take it.

One final note to all you Jets fans. Your team isn't as good as you think it is. You barely beat a Patriots team that is missing Tom Brady, Lawrence Maroney, Rodney Harrison, 1/2 their running backs, and now Adalius Thomas, and Ty Warren not playing. Injuries suck but you deal with them. I fully expect these two teams to meet again in the postseason, and the outcome to be different.

All in all, it was an entertaining game to watch and truly thats really all you can ask for.

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