Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rant Time

I'm going to rant.

This post was supposed to be about how much I like Mark Teixeira, and how having him on the Red Sox makes perfect sense. He is as close to the perfect player for the philosophy of the Red Sox as they come.

In typical Scott Boras fashion, the negotiations between all teams submitting bids, has dragged out entirely way to long, and has completely held up the entire offseason outside of the signing of CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett to the Yankees, which was a given, and some minor signings around the league.

When I woke up this morning there were multiple reports that Mark Teixeira was due to make a decision today on where he wants to play for the next 8 years of his career. Considering the Angels had withdrew their bid, and the only other serious offers on the table were from the Red Sox, Orioles and Nationals, I liked our chances.

However, reports are out that Mark Teixeira is not only not signing with the Red Sox, but with the goddamn fucking Yankees, who apparently put in a last minute bid in order to steal him away.

It's no secret that I have a strong disdain for the Yankees, not because I am a Red Sox fan (though that certainly helps), but mainly because I am sick and tired of their whole act. "Well you should come play for us because we're the Yankees, and well everyone who matters plays for us". George Steinbrenner was the first owner to really just spend an incredible amount of money on free agents in order to buy a championship. It happened in the 70's with Reggie Jackson, throughout the 80's, and again since the turn of the century. I can't hate on the Yankees teams of the 90's that were winning championships with all the homegrown core players they had.

Regardless, this has gone entirely way to far already this offseason. The MFY's now have $118 million commited to 5 players on their roster now. FIVE.

$30M for ARod

$25M for Teix
$23M for CC
$22M for Jeter
$18M for Burnett

They've also now spent roughly $425 million on 3 contracts this offseason. I'm sorry but that's ridiculous.

Don't get me wrong, the Red Sox by no means are some small market team that spends no money. They are always in the top 5 in terms of payroll, but the gap from New York to everyone else is absolutly astounding.

Call me bitter, I don't care that's your opinion, but this is starting to get out of hand. I really hope this offseason comes back to bite them in the ass, especially with this economy we have going right now, and the fact that they haven't been able to sell an luxury seats in the new stadium.

Speaking of the new stadium, I really hope New York City tells the Yankees to go fuck themselves when it comes to financing their new stadium now. If you go and spend $425 million in an offseason, you have no right to ask for help building something like that.

Maybe on second thought I am bitter, but this has just gotten to the point of ridiculousness.

Baseball really needs a salary cap (wont happen), because honestly the luxury tax is a joke.

That all being said, if the offer truly is 8 years/$170 million, and the Sox didn't match that, then goddamn did they ever drop the ball on this one. Obviously it's completely up to the player to determine where they want to play, but considering the Yankees didnt even have an offer until a few hours ago, I highly doubt Teixeira had his heart set on playing for the Yankees.

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