Saturday, January 10, 2009

NFL Picks Rd. 2 of Playoffs (Saturday)

So I went 2-2 last week in picks, losing both Saturday games. I don't really have time to do full write ups for the games this weekend so here are some snipits.

In the afternoon game I like the Ravens over the Titans for a few reasons. Mainly Ed Reed and the Ravens defense going against...Kerry Collins. Yes that Kerry Collins. The Ravens absolutely dominated Miami last weekend, especially on defense. Chad Pennington looked lost at Quarterback, and threw 4 interceptions. The Ravens are clicking on all cylinders on defense, and frankly I just don't see the Titans matching up well against that with Collins and crew.

I really think this game comes down to the final few minutes of the 4th quarter, and most likely will be decided by a field goal or two. I'd be incredibly surprised if this game was a blow out and/or high scoring.

Final: Ravens 13-10

In the night game I like Carolina. Their dual back rushing attack will eat up Arizona's soft defense, even though they played well enough to win last week. This threat of the run will also set up Jake Delhomme to use Steve Smith as the weapon he is. Add all that to the fact that Carolina plays adequate defense, I just don't see how Arizona can compete in this contest, although I said that last week and we all know what happened.

Final: Panthers 27-10

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