Sunday, October 19, 2008

ALCS Reactions (Games 4-7)

Well, I really have no words. The Rays deserved to win this series. They outplayed the Red Sox in every single part of the game. They proved to me that they deserve to be where they are. They overcame a horrendous blown lead in game five, and losing in game six, to win the series.

BJ Upton, Carlos Pena (why cant the Sox get guys like him? Oh wait....), and Evan Longoria carried their offense, but one player that shouldn't be overlooked is Willy Aybar. His home run in the 7th inning tonight ended Boston's hope of a come back.

I must say Matt Garza exceeded any expectations I had of him tonight. I expected him to not be able to kleep his emotions under control and crack under the pressure, but he did the complete opposite, hats off to him.

Jon Lester pitched good, not great. Pena should have been out at home if Pedroia makes a better throw to Varitek. The hit he gave up to Baldelli that scored Aybar was more of Varitek making a bad pitch selection than Lester making a bad pitch. Lester had made Baldelli look foolish all night and series long, especially on breaking pitches. So why Varitek called an 0-2 fastball inside is beyond me. The homerun he gave up to Aybar was on a cutter that didn't do anything, and is exactly why Lester got shelled in game 3.

The Sox looked lost at the plate all night long, and Tampa certainly did not help their cause by throwing strikes all night long.

I must say the umpire's strikezone was certainly awkward tonight, but that was for both teams. Although not appealing to the 1st/3rd base umpire on JD Drew's check swing in the 8th with the bases loaded is unforgivable. He checked his swing by the way.

I will say this however. I am happy for Tampa Bay as a franchise, and I am happy for those fans who have been there since the beginning, rooting for an absolutely awful team every year. For them, along with the players, but especially people like Carl Crawford, and Rocco Baldelli, who have been there for a longtime, congratulations to them.

However, for the so called "fans" that have been populating their games as of late, fuck you. You don't deserve this at all. I bet most of you didn't even know you had a baseball team, let alone a good one until last month. I cannot root for a team that has fans like that. Hell it's sad even the Red Sox are starting to turn into that. "Fans" going to the game because it's hip and cool, then leaving in the 5th inning with the Sox down a run.

Again, congratualtions to the Tampa Bay Rays you deserved it. Fuck you to most of your fans, you know the ones with cowbells, and all that junk. They are worthless, bandwagoner wastes, and don't deserve squat. You have not "been waiting my whole life for this", you probably have been waiting 3 weeks.

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