Monday, October 6, 2008

Sox/Angels Game 3 Reactions

Well the Sox finally lost to the Angels in the postseason for the first time in 22 years last night, so it was bound to happen eventually. Jered Weaver got the win while Javier Lopez took the loss in 12-innings, in one of the longest games I've ever been to.

*Let me start off by saying the umpiring was absolutely atrocious last night, for both the Sox and the Angels. The strikezone morphed from inning to inning, and the check swing on Lowell was just awful, granted he did get strike 3 called ball 4 in his next at bat.

*Josh Beckett was not in typical posteason form last night. His velocity was good, so the oblique couldn't have been bothering him that much. His command however was awful, partly due to bad umpiring, but 4 walks in 5 innings is a bit more than just bad umpiring.

*Dustin Pedroia is 0-for the series and really is starting to hurt the Sox with his lack of production. If he got on base in the 11th the game would have been over then and there. Granted he at least hit the ball well towards the end of the game and it took a great diving play from Figgins to save the game winning hit.

*Mike Lowell needs to sit down for the rest of the series and possibly even the postseason. He's looked terrible in the two games he's played both at the plate, and in the field. He let a few balls by last night that he normally makes plays on, and a few of them ended up scoring.

*Not subbing in JD Drew for Coco Crisp after Joe Saunders was out of the game in the bottom of the 5th was just terrible managing from Francona.

*On a lighter note, the bullpen looked very good last night. Even though Lopez let in a run it was on a bloop single.

*K-Rod really is overrated, I'll leave it at that.

The hits just weren't falling for the Sox last night. They got a huge break on a bloop bases load clearing single by Ellsbury in the second inning, and after that they were basically shut down for the rest of the night.

John Lackey goes against Jon Lester tonight. Lackey has been pretty bad at Fenway in his career, and Jon Lester aside from being a beast this year, was absolutely unbeatable at Fenway this season, going 11-1 with a 2.59 ERA. He hasn't lost a game at Fenway since April 9th, and the Red Sox haven't lost a game he started at Fenway since April 23rd.

I expect the Sox to finish off the Angels tonight.

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